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 Họ tên: Pastor  Danile Edwin

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Số điện thoại: 09538490409
Dear Brother ,
Greetings from Bangalore, India. We area  mission namely Bethesda Mission sharing Gospel and serving women and children here. We have a vibrant church namely World Gospel Hope Church where we have 85% non-christian people. They now come to know the Lord, this sectio is a neglected section of the society. The    following is our website, kindly share with your mission minded
friends and display it on your notice board. Those who are interested
in visiting us, please do so.

with regards,
Pastor Daniel Edwin
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Protestantism in South East Asia

I wrote the Thesis in 1995 for graduation B.Sc degree with Major "Asean Culture" of Open University in Hochiminh City. It is the first Thesis written by a student who is Pastor of Evangelical Church in Vietnam. Almost documents of Thesis researched in Malaya University and The Bible Seminary of Malaysia.      

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Garden Ghetsemane

One summer afternoon I visited the garden Gethsemane, garden full of Olive trees that no other crops. The Olive trees high just above head a little, rough wood, leafy twigs, small leaves and fruits interfere toghether, each leave is out one Olive fruit. Olive plants living on land stones, garden Gethsemane is located on gentle slopes of Mount Olive, mountain covered with Olive trees. Here the image of Jesus in the garden of Gethsemane praying so that sweats fell to look like great drops of blood reappeared in my mind.

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My life

On the year of 17th, I was heard the call of Lord to study at Seminary of Christian and Missionary Alliance (CMA) in South Vietnam before the day of National Union in 1975. After two years for studying Bible and Theology in Nha Trang and experience years I get B.A degree in Theology of this Seminary. I received a position Ordained Pastor in charge of the church of CMA church in Hochiminh city on 2003.

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Liên hệ

Hội Thánh Baptist Công Bình 380/383 Phạm văn Hai P.5 Q. TB. TPHCM (ĐT: 38454061) Giờ nhóm CN: Sáng 8 giờ Chiều 6 giờ 30. Quản nhiệm Hội Thánh MS. Nguyễn Quốc Thịnh. ĐT: 38454061. Chủ nhiệm Mục vụ: MS. Nguyễn Quốc Dũng. ĐTDĐ 0938615997

Câu gốc hôm nay

"Bấy giờ các ngươi sẽ xướng ca như trong đêm giữ lễ thánh. Các ngươi sẽ có sự vui trong lòng, như kẻ thổi sáo mà lên núi Đức Giê-hô-va, đến cùng vầng đá của Israel." Ê-sai 30:29

























































































































































































































































































































































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