Prayer for Israel


Dear Quoc,

Please join with other believers around the world in prayer for Israel.

Pray that God will protect the people of Israel from the devastating spread of COVID-19 and that He will protect the health of MAGEN DAVID ADOM’s paramedics, EMTs, and first responders as they battle this deadly virus.

Please pray that God will protect the people of Israel from the terrorist groups that plot the destruction of Israel and that He will protect Israel’s security forces in their efforts to stop the violence and protect the nation.

Pray that God will protect the Jewish people from hatred and discrimination in all its various forms and that in particular, He will protect the nation of Israel from anti-Semitic attacks no matter how they may come.

Pray that God will protect families in Israel today and protect the children and youth in Israel from sickness, violence, and harm.

Pray that God will protect the poor and homeless in Israel and that He will protect the marginalized — the vulnerable, and the forgotten living of the Holy Land.

The people of Israel are grateful for your love, support, and prayers!

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Help Orphans in Kenya, Africa

Hello brothers,

Hope you are fine in this season of the pandemic, we are fine too in the Almighty God by His grace, my wife and l are full time ministers in the kingdom of God, whereby we have a young born church and through that we have blessed with the children who are misfortune, ( orphans) ,we contribution with the little members in the church to feed them as well as educating them,  

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South India

 21st July, 2020 OUR FATHERS HOME MINISTRIES, K-NAYAKAMPALLI (PO), VIA-PEDDAPURAM E-G-DT; PIN 533437, A.P; INDIA CELL 0090-9949430413 E-MAIL: [email protected] Email. [email protected] To, Dear Dung Greetings in the risen name of our lord and savior Jesus Christ, i m honored to this divine connection; here I am co-founder and sr Pastor Kumar of OFHM, India. I wonder how the lord leads me to your way to reach out to know your heart for the lost world like religious nation India. i pray and seek the lords directions in this to write you to invite and join your hands to work with our mission India. 

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Christmas For Pakistan

Prayer request and invite contribution from your church brothers or sisters for poor widows we are preparing schedule for Christmas for Ten days from 20th Dec

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Christmas For Malawi, Africa

CHRISTMASS RAINY SEASON SPECIAL REQUEST I write to request for help to assist us meet the needs of our underprivileged people during this Christmas New Year and rainy season During this festive time, a lot of our people go to bed without a meal. Being the rainy season they are attacked by mosquitoes which cause malaria. They hardly get the right medication to treat them from malaria cases and other rainy season related diseases. Children living with disabilities hardly get to experience what other normal children experience during this time of the year. We would love to practically show love to them all. We would love to bring the sick to our clinic for better medications Being the rainy season, we urgently need special drugs to combat special rainy season diseases, such us malaria etc.

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Liên hệ

Hội Thánh Baptist Công Bình 380/383 Phạm văn Hai P.5 Q. TB. TPHCM (ĐT: 38454061) Giờ nhóm CN: Sáng 8 giờ Chiều 6 giờ 30. Quản nhiệm Hội Thánh MS. Nguyễn Quốc Thịnh. ĐT: 38454061. Chủ nhiệm Mục vụ: MS. Nguyễn Quốc Dũng. ĐTDĐ 0938615997

Câu gốc hôm nay

“Vì vậy, Ngài phán rằng sẽ diệt chúng nó đi; Nhưng Môi-se, là kẻ Ngài chọn, đứng nơi triệt hạ trước mặt Ngài, đặng can gián cơn giận Ngài, e Ngài hủy diệt họ chăng.”. Thi Thiên 106: 23.












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