My Biography

Full Name: Nguyễn Quốc Dũng

Date of Birth: 14 May 1957,

Place of Birth: Đồng Tháp, Việt Nam


- Rev. Pastor Founder of Justified Baptist Church (JBC) Vietnam: 2006 - Today

- Pastor in charge of Church of CMA: 1975- 2006

- Founder Evangelical Website : 2009 - Today

- Co-ordinator for Vietnam of T.T.U, Tennessee: 2008 -2012

- Member of Board at Gia Định University: 2002 - 2012

- Translator Vietnamese of Website : 2007 - 2011

- Co-ordinator for Vietnam of Blessings Ministries in California: 2009 -2011

- Principal of Training Foreign Language and Computer Centre: 2005-2007

- Project Manager of YouCaddy Co. in Vietnam: 2006 - 2009

- Founder Church Kindergarden at W.15 Dist.10 Hochiminh city: 1991 - 1999

Address: 518/5 Cách mạng tháng 8 P11 Q.3 TP.Hồ Chí Minh VN

                 Phone: (84-08)- 9934849 – 08-093.8615.997,



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Education: - Chu Văn An High School, Sài Gòn, Vietnam: 1968-1974

                    - B.A Theological Seminary and Bible Institute in Vietnam. 1974-1976

                    - B.Sc., Southeast Asian Culture, Open University in Hochiminh City, 1991-1996

                    - B.Sc,. Journalism, Humanity and Social Science University, 1992-1996

                    - M.B.A., Central State University in California, 2000- 2001

                    - Candidate Doctorate of Business Administration, Apollos University in California, 2004-2008.

Awards & Honor:

      - Certificates of Bible Seminary Baptist Mobile School

      - Certificates of Caleb International Ministries.

      - Certificate of Recognition for the Education Partnership Program in Vietnam of Tennessee Temple University.

      - Certificate of Saint George's College Jerusalem.

      - Certificate Advance Leadership of Haggai Institute in Singapore.

       - Certificate of Completion for International Admission Advisor of Apollos University.

       - Certificate of MBA Program Department of Madison School of Professional Development.

       - Certificate of Completion for Business Research Seminar of Institute for Global Education, Fullerton, CA.

       - Certificate of Participation for participating in Business Communication Seminar, Hochiminh City.

       - Honorable Guest of 62nd National Prayer Breakfast in Washington D.C.


       - Preaching, Teaching, Training

       - Consultancy and Administer for Business 

       - Computer: Word, Excel, Photoshop, Pagemaker, Powerpoint, Internet

       - Writter: Some articles published on newspapers such as Labor Newspaper, Education Magazine, Southeast                 Asian Today Magazine.

        - Pianist


         - 1994 Exchange Student with Pusan University, Korea.

          - 1995 Research student to writing Thesis in Malaya University, Malaysia.

          - 1999 Attend Seminar about vocational for the poor hosted by CCDB in Dakha, Bangladesh.

           - 2004 Attend Seminar “Leader of Evangelism” of Haggai Institute, Singapore.

           - 2005 Travel America to attend the Highschool Graduation of my son in SD, USA

           - 2007 Attend a course of Saint George College in Jerusalem, Israel.

           - 2008 Educational Course of Tennessee Temple University in TN, U.S.A.

           - 2009 International Pastors Conference, Singapore.

           - 2010 International Conference on Peace and Reconciliation in Seoul, Korea.

           - 2012 Attend Commencement of my son at Tennessee Temple University

            - 2014 Honorable Guest of 62nd National Prayer Breafst in Washington D.C.

My Family:

           - My wife is also a Missionary

           - Three son: Oldest son is iOS developer of U.S.A company in California

            - Midle son is student of Georgia Perimeter College, USA.

            - Youngest son is student of High School in Hochiminh city, Vietnam

                                                     Hochiminh city, June 18, 2014

                                                     Rev. Pastor. Nguyen Quoc Dung

                                                     Founder Justified Baptist Church

                                                     and Website

                                                     and Christianity Charitable Ministries in Vietnam

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Hội Thánh Baptist Công Bình 380/383 Phạm văn Hai P.5 Q. TB. TPHCM (ĐT: 38454061) Giờ nhóm CN: Sáng 8 giờ Chiều 6 giờ 30. Quản nhiệm Hội Thánh MS. Nguyễn Quốc Thịnh. ĐT: 38454061. Chủ nhiệm Mục vụ: MS. Nguyễn Quốc Dũng. ĐTDĐ 0938615997

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